Aloha Fellow Craft Brewers of Maui,

Team Kostanoski (TK) invites you to join them at their home in Makawao for a Brew Maui Brewtogether this Saturday.

We will start boiling water at noon and we estimate pitching yeast around 5-6 pm. The plan is to brew Irish Ales in both an all-grain example and an extract example. This is meant to be both a social get together as well as an informative, “how to” session  . . . . . . please bring a pupu and beverages to share along with some form of sitting device.

Their home is located at 635 Hoene St in Makawao. Sorry, no dogs allowed.

P.s. –  If you are interested in bringing your own equipment and brewing a batch of beer during the event, email Greg directly ( to coordinate. See you then!


Next Meeting

Next Meeting

Aug. 2nd at 6:00pm

Location TBD


We will start off with a little meet and greet and then have a quick meeting at 6:30pm. Following the meeting we will hold Hoppy Hour, we will take some time to share homebrew and homebrew stories. Don’t have any homebrew ready to share? No problem, your feedback is helpful to your co-brewers. Meetings will cover a wide range of topics from basic how-to-brew to more advanced “experimental” brewing techniques.

Please join us . . . . . . . .

Prizes & Winners


Brew Maui Homebrew Contest 2011


Number Category Sub
Beer Score
129 13 A
Joe Breman
Haiku Chocolate Stout 29.5
118 12 B
Bill Brooks
Paia Porter 30
119 14 B
Bill Brooks
Head Shot IPA 30.5
120 19 C
Bill Brooks
Doug’s Demise 39.5
125 12 A
David Burnett
Witchez Brew Porter 34
113 23 A
Jess Craven
Belgian American IPA w/ Orange Zest and Belgian Candy Sugar (IPOrange) 31.5
114 14 B
Jess Craven
Tasty J IPA 35
115 22 B
Jess Craven
Smoked Amber 37
116 20 A
Jess Craven
Light and Dry w/ a Touch of Cherry 36
117 27 A
Jess Craven
Standard Sparkling Cider
123 23 A
Dustin Gomes
“Habanero Haven” Habanero Amber Lager 35
124 15 A
Dustin Gomes
Easy Weizen Of Kailua 32
110 26 B
Don Kleeman
Braggot 36
111 15 B
Don Kleeman
Dark Wheat 31.5
112 14 A
Don Kleeman
IPA 20
106 14 A
Greg Kostanoski

107 14 B
Greg Kostanoski

108 12 C
Greg Kostanoski

127 26 B
Greg Kostanoski
Dakoz 30.5
128 10 A
Greg Kostanoski
Dakoz 25
102 15 A
Thor Mccammon
Wheat #2 35.5
103 9 B
Thor Mccammon
Scottish 70 31
104 10 B
Thor Mccammon
105 10 A
Thor Mccammon
Pale Ale 34
121 9 A
Thor Mccammon
Scottish #1 29
122 15 B
Thor Mccammon
Wheat #1 29.5
101 25 C
Travis Rasmussen
Mango Blush 33
132 12 A
Dennis Rowe
Passion Week Porter 28.5
133 21 A
Dennis Rowe
Ginger Wit 35.5
134 10 A
Dennis Rowe
Cascade Ale 23
135 7 A
Dennis Rowe
Elton’s Alt 28
109 11 C
Ryan Williams
Sandcastle Brown Ale 28.5

Upcoming Events

We have several upcoming events and we would love to see you at some or ALL of them.

If you would like to be notified via e-mail sign up now by clicking here and completing the quick form.

May 1st – 12th Homebrew contest entries accepted

May 13th Homebrew contest judging

May 14th Maui Brewers Festival

Meeting every other month

o June 7th

o August 2nd

o October 4th

Brewtogethers the months we do not have meetings

o May 14th(festival)

o July – Greg and Yarrow’s

o September – TBD

o November – TBD

Brew Maui Homebrew Club is happy to announce the 2011 AHA homebrew contest. The entry period will be May 1st to May12th and the judging will be held the day before the Maui Brewers Festival.  (More information about the MACC Brewers Festival can be found here

Visit our contest page here: Brew Maui Homebrew Contest

Brew Maui HBC

  • Brew Maui homebrew club has a core group of members and is constantly looking for new members to join
  • We are a group of individuals and couples who have the same interests, brewing our own, quality, craft beer
  • We have a passion for the art of brewing, for the nuts and bolts of brewing, and all that there is in between (plus we enjoy the fruits of our labor)
  • We are in the early phases of developing our club and have come a long way in a short period of time
  • We are registered and listed with the American Home Brewers Association and are listed on Maui Brewing’s Calender of events as well as in their community section
  • We would welcome any others on Maui or anywhere else to come and join us in our pursuit of great beer
  • We would also love to hear from anyone who has the same passions we do


Brew Maui, HBC

As the 2010 Kona Homebrew Festival comes to another successful end, I look back and ponder some thoughts. Perhaps with just a few less brain cells than I started with. As always, this event is an excellent place to catch up with old friends and to make new ones. We spend 3 days judging almost 250 bottles of beer and mead. We write detailed score sheets for each bottle, giving the brewers feedback and advise. Then the 4th day is set aside for the big festival, which culminates in drinking even larger amounts of beer.

Maui home brewers had several great entries this year into the Kona Homebrew Contest. Seven different beers were entered by 4 people (or teams!). Mochi entered 2 beers, Zeb and Steve both entered 1 beer, and I was able to pull the monkey off my back and enter a whopping 3 beers. One brewing team even took home a bronze medal. Zeb and Dave from Kihei entered DZ Dubbel in the strong ale category and won 3rd place. Congrats, guys! Excellent work!!!

After the judging was over, we spent a good part of Saturday morning recovering from the big dinner the night before. Then, before we knew it, it was time to attend the 15th Annual Kona Brewers Festival. The line started forming before I arrived at12:30 p.m. After the blessing ceremony at 1:30, they opened the gates and people started flowing in a little before 2:00 p.m. All the great food booths were packed with tons of bite-sized morsels. Some of my favorite were the BBQ beef sandwiches and the BBQ ribs; can you tell I like BBQ? It just goes so great with the beers!

The entire event was fun, and informing. While sampling all the great beers and food items, we were able to corner several of the professional brewers and ask them questions. I obtained some great information about the recipes and processes used to create some of my favorite beers. I had a very interesting conversation with Dean Mochizuki from The Pike Brewing Co., in Seattle, WA. I was excited when he told me that the beer he brought to the dinner the night before, was a beer he had made on his own homebrew setup. It is very inspiring to hear that many of us homebrewers are using the same equipment the pros use to develop their recipes. Every one of the brewers I talked with was interesting and more than happy to share information and ideas. I look forward to more great conversations next year, and maybe a few award-winning contest entries of my own.

You are not going to believe this!  On Saturday November 7th at 10am, myself and several other Brew Maui Homebrew Club Members setup our brewing rigs inside the Maui Brewing Co. production facility.  November 7th was National Teach A Friend To Homebrew Day and Garrette Marrero the owner of Maui Brewing Co. in Lahaina invited our club to brew along side the professional brewers of Maui Brewing Co.  It turned out to be an open house style event with people, brewing beer, asking questions, and eating the great food being grilled by Greg and Yarrow.
I went into this event not appreciating how freek’n awesome it was going to be.  My thoughts were consumed with, what equipment to bring, what will I brew, how many friends can I get to show up, and things like that.  I honestly never stopped to think about the fact that we were going to be brewing with the pro’s in a working production facility.
Not only was this our first club event in cooperation with Maui Brewing Co. it also was also our clubs first Teach a Friend to Homebrew day.  We setup a table with information about brewing and held a raffle giving away many great door prizes.  Unfortunately we did not keep track of the number of people that attended the event but we estimated between 10:00am and 4:00pm we had almost 100 people walk through.

Three club members, Dave, Mochi, and myself brought brewing equipment and we all brewed a winter warmer, each of us using a little different recipe.  Having three homebrewers actively brewing was an awesome experience for the people that showed up interested in how to brew.  The exciting thing was that in addition to our three homebrew batches, the professionals brewed four batches using different equipment.  Kim had her homemade 3 kettle brewing rig, Rich had out his stainless steel brewing sculpture, and Scott was using the huge 25 barrel Maui Brewing system.  Ray did something a little different that the rest of us, he took the second runings off of Scott’s big beer and is going to make a little beer.

Since this was my re-introduction into brewing I was a little unsure of what equipment to bring.  What made it even tougher was, we would be brewing using all grain.  The beers I brewed in the past were extract beers, an extract beer is made using malt extract.  When you brew all grain you are using hot water to convert the sugars in the malted barley, then using a little more water you rinse all the extracted sugars into the beer.  This process is a little more involved and usually requires specialized equipment.  Naively I brought a propane burner, two kettles and a glass carboy.  I must point out that this is much less equipment than what would normally be used to brew all grain.

Not sure where to start with my reduced amount of equipment I turned to Ray and Garrett for help.  They put their heads together and came up with several different way to brew all grain using only 2 kettles.  We decided on a method that used a large mesh bag to hold the grains and then Ray helped by doing some calculations using his computer and Pro Mash software.  Before I knew it I was brewing my first all grain beer using a makeshift two kettle, one burner brewing rig! (That exclamation point is just not cutting it, as I said before this is freek’n awesome!)

Mick and Nuffy brewed using Dave’s HUGE brew pot and Mochi barely saved his batch from a disastrous broken leg on his propane burner.  By 4pm we had all finished brewing and had huge smi les on our faces.  We all look forward to doing this again next year.  Our club owes so much to Maui Brewing Co. for offering to host this years event.  A huge thank you to Garrett, Scott, Ray, Rai, Rich, and Kim we all really enjoyed hanging out with you and all the help you gave us!!!