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Aloha Everyone,

Each quarter we order homebrew supplies. An e-mail goes out to the Brew Maui mailing list notifying that it is time to place an order. We offer a 10% savings to PAID Brew Maui club members. If you’re ordering, email me for the discount code. Discounts do not apply to Keg orders or Fermentap orders.

Maui Homebrew’s Webstore – https://mkt.com/maui-homebrew

Kohola Brewing is offering members of Brew Maui Homebrew Club 55lbs sacks of two row for only $55.00. Kohola is located in the same location in Lahaina as the old Maui Brewing Tasting Room. You must purchase your sack of 2 row through the Webstore then provide Kohola your receipt and pick it up in Lahaina at the brewery. If you purchase a sack of 2 row at this amazing price please support Kohola by buying a few beers, maybe a growler while you’re there.

Tips on using the Store

  • hit “ctrl-f” if you’re looking for something very specific. This will search all the text in the store. If it doesn’t bring up what your looking for keep searching until you hit the bottom of the page
  • Everything is broken down by categories at the top, always another good place to start.
  • I know it’s a little chunky for a webstore but hey, it was free. If you’re looking for something you cannot find, just email me mhbcoop@gmail.com.

How it works

  1. An email is sent out to the mailing list to let you know ordering has opened
  2. Place your order and use your discount code, if you are not currently a member, club membership is available for purchase through the Co-Op
  3. Provided we’ve reached the minimum, ordering will close on stated close date
  4. You’ll receive confirmation of your order immediately via email
  5. The Order will be placed and shipping details with expected ETA will be sent via email

Questions? Email me mhbcoop@gmail.com. Also if you’re simply a Brew Maui Homebrew Club fan and have always wanted to get into brewing, email me. With the vendorship we have we can also get starter equipment and ingredient kits for a reasonable price.

Good luck and please keep the sand out of the beer.

Anthony J Nelson
Maui Homebrew

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