Saturday July 9th invitation to brew

Aloha Fellow Craft Brewers of Maui,

Team Kostanoski (TK) invites you to join them at their home in Makawao for a Brew Maui Brewtogether this Saturday.

We will start boiling water at noon and we estimate pitching yeast around 5-6 pm. The plan is to brew Irish Ales in both an all-grain example and an extract example. This is meant to be both a social get together as well as an informative, “how to” session  . . . . . . please bring a pupu and beverages to share along with some form of sitting device.

Their home is located at 635 Hoene St in Makawao. Sorry, no dogs allowed.

P.s. –  If you are interested in bringing your own equipment and brewing a batch of beer during the event, email Greg directly ( to coordinate. See you then!